My son attended the Abbott Center for ~2 years, and I could not have been more pleased with my experience. When my son started Abbott he was relatively shy child. He has truly blossomed in during his time at Abbott and is leaving to start elementary school as a confident child who has grown tremendously in both social and academic skills. While I am sure every school focuses on providing children with a happy and nurturing environment to help them grow and develop, the Abbott Center in my mind is different due to its level of " personal involvement and engagement" that is ingrained in the philosophy of the center. Josie Sawhney, the Director of the Abbott Center embodies this approach top-down. Her level of personal involvement and knowledge of my child, his strengths/areas of development is truly amazing. She is personally involved with the teachers, customizing the curriculum. ensuring that there is a higher degree of personal touch tailored to each child's development and that there is a constant feedback loop with parents. There have been many instances where the school has reached out to me proactively with great feed back/insight when my son has done well/hit some of his milestones, as well as to work on joint strategies in areas that he needs help. I would wholeheartedly recommend Abbott to any parent who is looking for an involved and personalized preschool experience. 

Mithu B.

Wellesly, MA 2017

Both of my daughters have thrived in their many years at Abbott. Their personalities, strengths, and challenges are quite different; and each year, their teachers have created supportive, engaging atmospheres that simultaneously nurtured their feelings and stimulated curiosity. The teachers and the director work tirelessly to meet the needs of individual students and families in a way that is always respectful, caring, and highly informed. Going back to work after spending time at home with my girls was hard. I will always be grateful that the loving professionals at Abbott took such exceptional care of my daughters.

- Courtney B., Natick

I have sent all four of my children to Abbott and could not imagine a better place for them to be when they can’t be with me. Josie the director is incredibly diligent and she and her staff are caring, dedicated and supportive. The center is very accommodating for working parents and the extracurricular offerings are wonderful. Our first Abbott graduate is very well prepared to begin kindergarten and we look forward to our remaining years as part of the Abbott community.

Kathleen S., Wellesley

Whatever special situations or needs your child may have, Josie and the teachers work with you to create an environment that works for your child, enriches their learning and socialization, and really prepares them for Kindergarten. It's a truly enriching curriculum, and the kids love it. Abbott is wonderful.

- Kathy M., Needham

We are so grateful to be part of the Abbott community. Our oldest daughter, a recent pre-k graduate, attended Abbott since she was two years old and blossomed beyond our expectations. The children are happy, engaged, always learning, and proud of their accomplishments. Abbott is early education at its finest.

Andrea Reed

Wellseley- 2017

Abbott Center is an absolutely fantastic early education program. Between the director's management, the staff, and the other families, we have had nothing but an extremely positive experience with the Abbott Center; even during Covid, which the Center has done such an amazing job of navigating safely.

Molly Hanson


The staff and management are professional and provide a caring environment for your children to learn and grow. The activities they have for the children are fun, constructive and develop social and academic skills. We feel strongly that the skills our children have gained at Abbott have helped them transition to Kindergarten with ease. 

- Sangita T., Wellesley

We have had a decade-long association with the Abbott Center and cannot say enough good things about it. Josie and her staff consistently work to make the children’s day safe, educational, interesting and fun. Josie is very responsive to parent inquiries and respectful of their wishes. She promptly addresses any questions. Many of the staff have been there since we first became Abbott parents. Our daughter was in elementary school already when our son was born and Abbott was the first place that she wanted to bring her little brother to show him off. Both my husband and I have very busy and demanding jobs and Josie really understands what it is like to try and juggle everything. She works hard to make things easier for parents. But paramount for Josie and all her staff at the Abbott Center are the children. It should go without saying that the safety and happiness of the children is the Center’s focus, but Abbott provides so much more. My kids have been very happy there and cannot wait to run into the classroom. There is also a nice distinction between the school year and the summer “program” at Abbott. Although there are lots of fun additional programs in winter (many of which do not cost extra), the summer is truly something special every day. Between the swim classes, traveling farm and aquarium and theatre programs, the kids are engaged in having fun. We also felt that our children were very well-prepared for kindergarten both socially and academically. We will miss Abbott very much!

E.C., Wellesley

The Abbott Learning Center is a wonderful place!! We just discovered it for our son the last year. before Kindergarten, but wished we'd found it year's ealier. Josie, the Director, is incredibly caring and tuned in to the children. She goes way above and beyond for each child. The teachers are fabulous-warm, nurturing and attentive. The children have a lot of fun in a very structured environment. Everything from the question of the day, "all about me" week, and the various choices they are asked to make in Pre-k, emphasize independence and self sufficiency.

​- Amanda Blakeley & John Tyler, Wellesley

When it comes to working parents, Abbott gets it. Even in wintertime - when some schools close so early you're left scratching your head - there's always a safe, warm, loving environment available to your kids when you need to work. And my kids&love being there... I've never gone to work feeling bad.

- Andrea Q., Wellesley

The Abbott Center has been a truly amazing experience for my son over the past 3 years.  As both a parent and an educator, I was impressed with how much confidence and growth I saw in my son. There is a strong focus on social development and being a part of a classroom community of learners.  Beyond this, the curriculum is highly engaging and provides the children with an enthusiasm about learning.  Josie and her staff are very supportive of both the children and the parents.  The Abbott Center supports working parents with working hours and manages to provide an excellent and rewarding early learning experience!

Pam C.
Wellesley, MA

I don't know that I can imagine a better place for our kids. Josie and her staff have been so welcoming and accommodating from day one... honestly, we're grateful to have had access to a place like Abbott.

- Ben M., Wellesley

We have been very extremely pleased with our experience at the Abbott Center. We have seen our son grow in confidence, socially and academically. The staff has always been willing to provide him with individual attention when needed. He has been nurtured and supported through each transition. Josie and the teaching staff always have the best interest of the children in mind and are willing to go the extra mile when a child needs extra support. Josie pays attention to current trends in child development and is always adding new and innovative resources to the center. Josie and the teaching staff foster an environment where children feel safe, cared for, and can progress at their own pace. Our son loves Abbott so much that we kept him through the summer prior to kindergarten and Josie built a wonderful summer program for the children who stayed so they can continue to progress in their experience. Our son has loved each classroom and the summer program is a wonderful ending. The Abbott Center has felt like an extension of family; both the children and parents have built deep and meaningful connections that we hope to sustain moving forward.

Perri and John Gordon, Wellesley

As a parent, it is not easy to leave your child in someone else's care. You must have the peace of mind that your child is safe and happy and loved during the hours when you can't be together. You need an environment that is nurturing and supportive while encouraging growth and development. Well, Abbott is all of those things and MORE!

I have been an Abbott parent for over 10 years now. All three of my sons (now ages 5, 10 and 14) have attended the center and flourished. Though the needs of my boys varied tremendously, Abbott provided an equally loving, supportive learning environment for each of them. I attribute our outstanding experience to the director of the school, Josie Sawhney. Josie is committed to excellence and to the safety of the children. She works tirelessly to create a stimulating environment for the children. She evolves the curriculum regularly and is incredibly knowledgeable in child development.

The one thing that I will miss most is Josie's partnership with me as a parent. Josie appreciates the individual needs and personalities of each child. Over the past decade, I sought Josie's counsel and advice on a regular basis as I was dealing with the changing needs of my children. She has been a tremendous resource to me and my family. I'm very grateful for Josie's help in building a solid foundation for each of my boys.

Melissa Rose, Natick

We first heard about Abbott Learning Center from our next door neighbor, who said her son had been happy and well prepared for the next step under Josie’s care. Four year’ later, we have no regrets about our decision to choose Abbott. Josie hires the teachers and her entire staff based on the needs and nurturing of the children. She responds immediately and comprehensively to feed back or immediate needs. She treats every family with respect, working tirelessly to make sure the classrooms are balanced. Ask any parent at Abbott, and Josie’s name will soon follow, along with heartfelt gratitude, including ours.

Scott & Vanessa., Wellesley

My son spent three years at Abbott Learning Center from 2 to 5 until he reached Kindergarten.When he started , he was shy, nervous and very quiet around strangers. I was deeply impressed when my son left Abbott, he became a happy and confident boy who sometimes spoke way too loud. As a mother, I know how much effort it must have taken the teachers to cultivate an environment  for my son to feel this level of comfort, as by nature, he is such an introvert person. During the 3 years, the teachers in each room showed so much love and care about the children. Every little concern I communicated was addressed and it truly helped me to walk away worry free. The days in the center are full of activities. My son is always passionate to tell me what they talked about in the class, nature, science, dinosaurs, planets, respect, love, etc. I also noticed how considerate the teachers are for kids who started with limited English. My son began with most exposures to Chinese an little English. The Teachers asked me to provide a list of common-needs pronunciations, like water, hungry, tired and they made effort to learn the words in order to understand my son's needs. After my son overcame the language barrier, when a new kid started in the same class who understood Chinese only, the teachers approached my son to help the new friend so that the child would feel more comfortable. To me it is really above and beyond as it tells me how much the teachers care about their children's feelings in the center. I am so glad I chose Abbott Learning Center for my boy. He really blossomed in the Center.

Carol Xiaoyings  Shan


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