28 Abbott Road
Wellesley Hills, MA. 02481

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Additional Facilities Utilized by The Abbott Center

  • Our Summer Program includes opportunities for older children to enjoy swimming at the outdoor pool at Wellesley's Boston Sports Club.
  • Our Extracurricular Programs often include soccer, which is conducted in Phillips Park (located immediately adjacent to 28 Abbott Road, between Seaward and Maugus Roads).

Welcome to 28 Abbott Road
In 2005, The Abbott Center opened our beautiful new facility at 28 Abbott Road in Wellesley Hills, MA. This state-of-the-art building was custom designed and constructed to meet the needs of both our children and their parents. Incorporating the most current "best practices" in standards of scale, safety and functionality, 28 Abbott Road offers optimal convenience for parents - in terms of location and ample parking - as well as comfort and security for children.

The building, which is fully handicap accessible, is scaled to create an environment that feels cozy and safe for kids. Hallway water fountains, in-class bathroom facilities, and stairway banisters are set on a level accessible to young children. Stairways are carpeted and offer small, child-friendly steps, and each brightly colored classroom is filled with tables, chairs and equipment selected to match the needs of that particular age group.

How do you create the perfect environment for children?
Build one from the ground up.

28 Abbott Road also offers a large, fully fenced outdoor play area divided into two discrete areas: one offering equipment and toys appropriate for our toddler children, the other appropriate for our preschool and pre-K kids. All toys and equipment have been chosen with an emphasis on safety and to encourage both coordinated physical activity and imaginary, interactive play.

Of course, given that this is New England... outdoor play is not always an option. With that in mind, The Abbott Center offers unique, dedicated Sensory and Movement Rooms. As their names suggest, these bright, well-lit environments are designed to offer children the opportunity to enjoy sensory-enriched and physical play during inclement weather. The Movement Room also serves as the site of some of our Extracurricular Programs, such as Music or Dance.

Throughout the entire facility, you will find that great attention has been given to assuring the safety of our children. Our outdoor play area is 100% fenced in, and both the building's front and back entrances feature keypad combination locks. In addition, 28 Abbott Road utilizes a closed-circuit security camera system, and all classrooms feature a child sign-in/sign-out system to ensure that only approved adults are allowed to drop off or pick up children.​

Specialized Rooms for Each Age
There is a vast difference between an 18-month old toddler and a 5-year old boy or girl. With that in mind, The Abbott Center offers custom-designed classrooms for children of specific age ranges. In each color-coded room, you will find a bright, safe and engaging environment where your children will not only find the support and opportunity to develop key early childhood social skills... but also the educational content and professional guidance to provide them with a step up when Kindergarten finally arrives.